Following the great success of last year's event, the second ZAL Science Slam took place on September 18, 2018. This year's Science Slam was also very popular - all 200 seats were booked out.

In this event, bold engineers and scientists have only a limited time to present a convincing proposal to a jury made up of members of the audience, using both knowledge and humor.

The three slammers from the ZAL TechCenter faced three visiting slammers from Karlsruhe, Leipzig and Berlin. The evening kicked off with the question of how trees can be used to produce fuel.

It continued with the topics:

- How is 3D printing used in the aerospace industry?

- How can robots make our work easier?

- How can humans store heat like a polar bear?

- Why is boarding a plane so complicated and how can it be improved?

- Why do we actually need dualities in physics?

The mood ranged from enthusiastic applause and laughter, to keen interest. During the break and after the event, our DJ, in addition to snacks and drinks, ensured the right atmosphere.