At the end of January, a small amphitheater was completed at ZAL - Center of Applied Aeronautical Research. The high demand for bookings shows that this room really hits the spot with users. The basic idea that the way we work is influenced by our immediate environment was central to the design of the ZAL TechCenter architects. In line with the Open Innovation Principle, an open and collaborative work culture is reflected in the building’s architecture. Gallery-style passageways connect halls, laboratories and offices. Windows and glass doors provide transparency, and a multitude of meeting points and meeting rooms invite formal and informal exchange.

In addition to the very popular creative space "Greenhouse", which true to its name is reminiscent of a conservatory, a further creative space was opened on January 25th. This new room has been named Odeon and blends in beautifully with the building concept. As the name suggests, the room is modeled on a classic amphitheater. A semi-circular terraced auditorium with three levels can accommodate up to 27 people. Unlike a traditional amphitheater, the room has both added and conventional features: lap desks, magnetic whiteboards, projection screens and beamers are designed to facilitate project meetings, lectures and workshops.