Funding advice
for aviation in Hamburg

The mission is to provide participants in the aviation research network with advice in the selection of funding sources and in the preparation of applications for research projects. The emphasis, on the one hand, is on the area of aviation research and focal points that cross industry boundaries, and, on the other hand, 

on the acquisition of funding from the Federal Government and the EU for Hamburg’s aviation partners’ projects. ZAL is embedded in the cluster concept of Hamburg Aviation and coordinates its efforts with Hamburg’s funding advice services.

Our funding advice services

We offer

  • advice on funding programmes
    • funding programme screening and partner information
    • information on federal, state, and European Commission research and funding structures
    • overview of R&D funding programmes and contact persons
    • information on application of research results
    • information on research and innovation funding for SMEs
    • support in lodging applications
    • assistance with funding applications (lodging applications, proofreading, coaching specific tools, etc.)
    • communication with authorities
    • coordination of joint applications
    • assistance in overall project management
    • project planning
      • coordination of work of participating project partners (internal and external)
      • coordination between sub-projects
      • progress monitoring
      • deadline tracking
      • problem resolution
      • reviews and reporting (interim and final reports)


      Research & development infrastructure
      Test infrastructure to support Hamburg’s technology competence

      To support Hamburg’s technology competence in the fields of aviation and the environment, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg has made funding available to ZAL for a test infrastructure. 10 million euros are allocated to aviation projects and 3.7 million euros for the creation of a laboratory for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

      ZAL rents the infrastructure facilities to partners for synergetic use. The partners benefit from comparably low rent due to the shared usage of facilities which would otherwise be very cost-intensive. At the same time, the rental income ensures future investment in further infrastructural facilities.

      Guided by the principles of “integration” and “system orientation”, the test infrastructure facilities provided by ZAL are designed to make early system integration possible for research projects. The test benches have been designed with interoperability in mind so that, for example, the generation, distribution, and usage of electrical energy in an aircraft can be tested in combination.


      Another subject of focus for the test infrastructure is the examination of production and MRO processes. The automation of production and assembly processes, for example, can be trialled using a test bench, and repair procedures can be examined in a virtual reality laboratory.


      Rental space in ZAL TechCenter
      Research and development together

      ZAL makes the proverbial “single roof” available for applied research and technological development in the ZAL TechCenter in the Finkenwerder district of Hamburg. With usable space of 26,000 m², interested partners can take advantage of open communication spaces, hangars, test rooms, and offices as they push ahead with joint research and development activities.

      Rental of testing facilities and office space

      The modern, well-equipped rental spaces are available in small units starting from approx. 50 m². Within limits, the partitioning and equipment levels of rental space can be tailored to tenants’ requirements.

      Ask for an obligation-free rental offer. We would be delighted to present the project and the rental spaces still available to you in person.

      Alongside state-of-the-art testing and working areas, the building also provides a basis for an impressive corporate presence. With attractive shared presentation and conference rooms and an auditorium seating up to 200 persons, ZAL is providing its partners with the opportunity to conduct discussions with customers, suppliers, and business partners close to the center of research and development activity, presenting the latest results live.

      ZAL TechCenter
      What the building has to offer

      The ZAL TechCenter offers a wide range of innovative facilities and services for the general use of ZAL partners.

      Conference center 

      The modern, well-equipped conference center consists of an auditorium and 12 meeting rooms.


      • Approx. 200 m2 with seating for up to 200 persons
      • May be subdivided into 3 sections (approx. 10m2, 60m2, 40m2)
      • Flexible seating
      • Premium presentation equipment with lectern, screens, and centrally controlled projectors, sound system, and lighting

      Meeting rooms

      The 12 meeting rooms are each equipped with a table connector bank for electricity and LAN, a beamer, and a screen

      • 1 with 20 seats
      • 1 with 16 seats
      • 10 rooms with 12 seats each

      Innovation market

      The 200 m² innovation market on the ground floor of the building is fitted with premium audiovisual equipment and offers an attractive setting for product presentations, exhibitions, and much more.

      Virtual Reality zone

      The innovation market is complemented by a virtual reality zone, consisting of three activity zones: an audience room for up to 30 persons, a projector room, and a technology room. The potential for applications is limited only by the user’s imagination. Apart from impressive product presentations, this facility is suitable to assessments and evaluations of new technologies and products during the development phase, e.g. with 3D examination of components, fuselage segments, etc.

      Restaurant & conference service

      A self-service restaurant seating around 150 guests is planned, to cater for the physical wellbeing of tenants and visitors. This area is complemented with a patio facing the Steendiek Canal, offering views of the Elbe.

      Various catering products are on offer. The menu plan incorporates a soup & salad bar, the so-called “Airbus platter”, a meal-of-the-day, a “well fit” meal, and a selection of desserts. A coffee bar with coffee specialties, soft drinks, and snacks both hot and cold complete the menu.

      Legal notice:

      It is impossible to guarantee that the written and graphical presentation of rental spaces and services on this website may create an inaccurate impression of the rental facilities. In some cases, they only illustrate examples of rental space. The details within rental contracts for the rental spaces are therefore alone and exclusively binding. 

      Please ensure that you take advantage of the opportunity to personally view rental space in advance or to ask us for the exact specifications of rental space.